Nutritional Therapy

As a nutritional therapist, I utilize research, identify any possible nutrient deficiencies and pin-point the dietary requirements for each individual and provide detailed advice.

The Nutritional Therapy Program Provides:

  • The Client Health Check Questionnaire
  • Your Antioxidant Capacity Assessment
  • Your Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment
  • Written reports of your assessments’ results, which will be discussed together at length
  • 8 weeks of email support and fine tuning from me to ensure we understand everything about your unique nutritional needs
  • 2 food & symptom journal records analysed by myself with recommendations returned each week
  • Your personal diet plan with carefully selected foods which are best for your body, comprised of your own top foods and antioxidants shopping lists
  • An in-depth discussion about your meal preferences and the inclusion and exclusion of certain “promoters” and “adversaries” from your diet
  • Specific actions steps to help enhance your antioxidant capacity
  • Extensive explanation about the health benefits of your recommended top foods and antioxidant foods
  • A symptom Reassessment relative to your initial Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment
  • Specific dietary dos and don’ts to support adequate absorption of your required nutrients
  • Tips for your groceries shopping, food preparation, and cooking
  • 8 x 1 hour weekly sessions, with me in person
  • Session Summary Handouts at the end of each session with your goals for the week, next steps and action points
  • Cost £280

Everybody is unique and their nutritional needs are based on your biochemistry and lifestyle. What may work for one person may not work for another. There is no universal plan, even for people in the same family with similar genetics. Nutritional advice is extensive and based on the individual.

Be a healthier you!